About Us

Rufus Beard Supplies are produced in New York and assembled in Berlin from all natural organic ingredients.  

Rufus Beard Supplies started out of necessity.  Upon reaching the ripe old age of 25 our founder Sean discovered that he could finally grow a proper Beard (don’t abandon hope yet, just keep growing!). When it finally reached a respectable length he decided to take the next step and buy some grooming products for it.  There are so many beard products out there on the market but try as he might Sean just couldn’t find one that suited all of his needs.  He was searching for one that stopped the itchiness without feeling too greasy in your beard.  One that gave a nice amount of hold, but didn’t feel like glue in your palms after applying it.  One that smelled great but wasn’t overpowering.  One that gave a nice shine but didn’t sparkle like glitter.  

After searching and searching he decided the best solution was to try to make one himself.  The first batches of Rufus Beard Supplies Beard Balm & Beard Oil were cooked up in Sean’s apartment on the stove and mixed at his kitchen table with care.  Finally, he came up with something that fulfilled all those needs.  Made from all natural organic ingredients, he came up with products that he loved, which work to moisturize, strengthen and keep not only your beard, but also the skin underneath happy and healthy.  Balm and oil that stops the “2 week itch” that has frustrated so many would be beard growers into shaving off their fledgling beards.  Balm that gave great hold to longer beards but wasn’t so greasy or heavy that it couldn’t be used in shorter beards.  An oil that gave a nice subtle shine, but didn’t sparkle in the sun.  Also of upmost importance, products that smelled great but weren’t overpowering.  Products that combatted the dreaded problem of dandruff in your beard, so there weren’t white flakes all over from scratching.  

Some of his friends noticed his new products he was applying and loved the scent so much they asked if they could buy one.  That's how Rufus Beard Supplies was born.  Dedicated to bringing you the best beard products possible Rufus Beard Supplies is here for all your beard needs!